The Christopher Kane Croc – Fab or Faux-Pas?

Fashion designer, Christopher Kane, sent the internet into meltdown during his SS17 show when he unveiled his frankenstein-esque creation, the embellished croc.


                                                 (Harper’s Bazaar)



This collaboration between Kane and Crocs was an attempt to transform arguably the most unfashionable shoe imaginable, into something desirable. The use of a marbling effect on the shoe itself, alongside the gemstones used to embellish the shoe, are intended to give the shoe a more luxe feel. Was this achieved? Is it possible to alter our perceptions of a shoe we love to hate that much?

It’s interesting how a designer label can make us see a product differently. Take a plain black pullover, add a Dior label and suddenly everyone wants it. The question is, would anyone be interested in these Crocs if Christopher Kane hadn’t put his name to them? Would people still be interested if it had been H&M or Primark who had released a collaboration with Crocs?

The answer is; probably not. The original Crocs have been reserved by many of us as a leisure shoe. Something you wear to walk the dog, to run down to the corner shop in when you run out of milk, it’s certainly not a staple in our wardrobes.



So, it’s not the design of the shoe itself that makes it desirable. It’s the Christopher Kane label. Unattainable for many, it’s a status symbol, which makes us feel elite, superior… maybe even accomplished.

But what do you think? Is the Kane Croc’s design something you would be genuinely interested in if it didn’t bear the Kane label?


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