The Luxe Items I’m Lusting After

We all have our weaknesses. Much to the dismay of my bank account, my weakness happens to be for luxury items. I just love looking at the beautifully made pieces, admiring the craftsmanship. They’re special, and they make me feel special too.

That being said, on a student budget, designer isn’t exactly within my reach at the moment. So, why don’t we take a look at three of my favourite pieces of the moment and fantasise over them together?

1.Burberry Bridle Bag in Leather, Haymarket Check and Alligator


(Burberry Website)

Burberry is definitely a brand I would aspire to, their pieces are classic and beautifully crafted. For me, I really appreciate the fact that every piece is designed with a never faltering sense of British heritage, which is something I feel I can identify with. Many brands nowadays focus on appealing to a large audience, trying to cater to the masses, whereas Burberry has stuck to their roots and their signature British style.

The Bridle bag, for me, serves as a reminder of my childhood, spent owning and riding horses. Living in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields can have its upsides you know! The bag itself is so different from anything I’ve seen before and you can really feel the equestrian influences. I just can’t get enough, but for £2,095, I very much doubt I’ll be getting my hands on it anytime soon.

2.Saint Laurent Monogram Credit Card Case



This Saint Laurent cardholder is at the top of my Christmas list. I’ve been on the hunt for a cardholder for a while now (my bulky River Island purse isn’t ideal for going out) but I could never find one that took my fancy, that is, until I saw Suzie from Hello October ( showing a similar cardholder from Saint Laurent and I just fell in love. I love the gold hardware against the textured black leather, and the diagonal stitching which adds a little bit of interest without going over the top.

3.Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper in Multicolour


(Gucci website)

Last but not least, I couldn’t leave out these beauties. Embroidery is everywhere at the moment and Gucci has just nailed it here. I love the loafer style with the playful open back and the beautiful embroidered roses on the front. In my opinion, these give you the ability to rock the trend in quite an understated way. And lets be honest, they are just so pretty to look at.

Which items are you lusting after at the moment?


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