Paige’s Party Picks

With the much anticipated ‘party season’ steadily approaching, many of us are raking through our wardrobes in search of inspiration and coming out empty handed. Luckily, all of our favourite high street stores are rolling out their party collections and the choices are endless. From sequin minis to fluffy jackets, they have it all.

Below you’ll find my top picks from a few of my favourite brands for party wear.

1. The Motel Rocks Sequin Dress


Finn Slip Dress in Black Opal Sequin, Motel Rocks, £50

Motel Rocks has always been my first stop for party dresses. They have the biggest range of sequin garments I have ever seen, in any colour and style you could ever ask for. This dress in particular is one of my favourites and has been for a while. It’s perfect for your Christmas or New Year parties, just imagining the lights reflecting from the sequins gives me chills.

Pair it with a faux fur jacket and some barely there heels and you have a winner.

2. The ASOS Metallic Suit


Ultimate Pink Metallic Suit, ASOS, £100

I’m a massive fan of coordinates that are a little bit “out there”, so naturally I adore this metallic suit from Asos. Paired with a simple white lace cami and beach waves, it would be perfect for any event this coming holiday season. So why not live a little and step out of your comfort zone?

3. The ASOS Velvet Mule


HIGHGATE Velvet Plaited Mules, ASOS, £42

As you may have realised by now, statement shoes are a not so secret love of mine. These mules are gorgeous; the placement of the straps will elongate the leg and pink velvet is always a winner in my opinion. The plaited straps are so different to anything I’ve seen before, I couldn’t resist adding these to my party picks. Wearing these to your office Christmas party could cause some serious shoe envy, you have been warned!

So, what do you think of my party picks? Do you have anything to add to the list?


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