My December Wishlist

With Winter well underway, a new season is well and truly upon us, and as always, I have a new list of items that I definitely, 100% NEED in my life.

1.  The Shredded Denim Jacket


Back Shredded Denim Jacket True Bleach, Missguided, £40

I have had my eye on this completely impractical denim jacket for a while now, and I adore it. It has that perfect, effortlessly cool look to it and you can just throw it over any outfit; a grey turtleneck, or a white t-shirt, and you have instantly updated your look.

2. The 2-in-1


Contrast Full Top, Zara, £25.99

This piece from Zara has been in the back of my mind and bookmarked since the first time I laid eyes on it. I love the mix of the thick knit with the ruffled shirt material at the bottom. The combination of the two creates a feminine hybrid. This can be thrown on with denim, or even black leggings for a quick everyday outfit, perfect for making you look like you’ve made an effort when you’re in a rush!

3. The Khaki Jumpsuit


Cameo Rose Khaki Belted Culotte Jumpsuit, New Look, £12.49

Can we just take a second to talk about culottes? I never thought I’d see the day when I was considering them… they were always a massive no from me. They seemed to be reserved for very slim looking girls, and I’m very curvy. But as time’s gone on, I’ve seen more and more girls rocking culottes and I think maybe I should give them a go. This jumpsuit is perfect for that, it’s not too far out of my comfort zone and paired with a white turtleneck underneath, it makes for the perfect winter outfit. Plus it’s on sale right now so why not?

4. The Forest Green Midi


Pleated Green Midi Skirt, Urban Outfitters, £52

Midi’s always been an awkward length for me, which puts me off buying midi length pieces. As I mentioned before, I’m very curvy and I have quite stocky legs, which means that midi isn’t the most flattering of lengths. That being said, I can’t resist this skirt – the colour and the pleating is just gorgeous, and I adore the way it’s been styled on the model – with the converse and the grey jumper, which is exactly how I would wear it.

Which items are you itching to add to your winter wardrobe?


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