My 2016 Beauty Faves

With 2016 over, it’s time to look back on the year as a whole. I thought I would put together a little list of my favourite beauty products from 2016 for you guys.

1. The Beauty Killer Palette


Beauty Killer Palette, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, £40

A relatively new addition to my collection, but I can safely say this is my favourite eyeshadow palette that I own. The shadows are buttery and can be easily blended, and the colours are insanely pigmented. The Beauty Killer palette has allowed me to play around with my makeup and try some more “avant-garde” looks. My favourite shadow has to be star power, the hot pink. I’ve never had a shadow like it, it just looks amazing on the eyes.

2. The Nyx Lip Lingeries


Nyx Lip Lingerie, Boots, £6.50

This year I have been dabbling in liquid lipsticks. I’ve been trying several different brands but I must say the Nyx Lingeries are my favourites thus far. The whipped formula dries completely matte and is comfortable on the lips, it doesn’t feel drying at all which is quite rare. If you’re a fan of nude lipsticks this range is definitely for you, they have the prettiest shade range and a nude to suit every skin tone!

3. My Tried and True Liquid Liner


Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eye Liner, Rimmel, £5.29

Rimmel’s Glam Eyes liner is my all time favourite liner. I’m a big fan of winged liner and this particular liner has a really thin brush which means you can be very precise with your application. The formula is extremely black and doesn’t crack when it dries which means that it lasts all day.

What are your beauty favourites from 2016?


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