My Issue With Michael Kors

At the beginning of 2016, Michael Kors was the most popular handbag producer in North America according to Forbes. They are dominating the market and are incredibly popular with women aged 13 – 29 due to the fact that the brand is so easily accessible, in Aberdeen alone there are 7 providers of both the handbags and jewellery.

However, my issue with the brand is that, for a high end designer retailer, the quality and attention to detail is severely lacking. Michael Kors is said to be the number one most returned handbag brands due to its poor quality. There are countless cases of bags becoming misshapen, straps breaking and seams fraying after only a few months after purchase. This would be understandable from a high street retailer such as New Look or H&M, but for Michael Kors? A brand that charges hundreds of pounds for each bag? I don’t think so.


Further to this, in May 2016, Nordstrom announced that half of their stores would discontinue the selling of Michael Kors handbags, particularly the MICHAEL line. This is not surprising due to Kors’ history of poor craftsmanship.

For me, I am unwilling to buy into a high-end brand that cares so little about quality. If I pay hundreds of pounds for a bag I expect it to last and to be perfect, and with Kors’ track record, I wouldn’t expect much from them.

What are your opinions, would you still buy into the brand?


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