Confessions of a Shoeaholic

Until recently, I had never considered myself one of those girls who obsessed over shoes. I was always a wear-it-until-it-desperately-needs-replaced, kinda gal, and that worked for me.

Then I started University, and when studying a fashion course, you need nice shoes, right? I don’t know what switched in my brain, it was as if overnight I had become obsessed and my collection has grown ever since.


The shoe that started it all – these holographic, barely there sandals are my babies. I picked these up from New Look during Freshers Week back in 2015 and it’s safe to say they  were definitely a catalyst to the brewing shoe addiction. I still wear these on nights out, and it pains me to say they’re looking a little bruised and battered from one too many tumbles inside Underground, but I’m sure I’ll continue stumbling on the cobbles in these funky little guys for years to come.


If I were a shoe, I would be this shoe – these pink faux velvet peep toe heels with pink feather pom-poms on the laces were a Christmas present from my parents, and I just love to look at them. They are like a piece of art and in all honesty I’m too terrified of ruining them to wear them out, but I will one day. I love everything about these, they’re just the epitome of my style and they look bomb with black nail polish, just sayin’.


My “elegant and sophisticated but also sexy as hell” shoe – every girl needs a pair of stilettos in her wardrobe, in my opinion. They’re timeless, sophisticated, and I very much doubt that they’ll ever go out of style. These bad boys are made up of a black satin with embroidery running up both sides of the shoe, and I absolutely adore them. They show the perfect amount of toe cleavage, the heel isn’t too high but is high enough to extend my chunky little legs to give me some much-needed confidence and the embroidery is so on trend yet subtle that they won’t look out-of-place in years to come.

So, now you’ve had a peek into my little collection of heels, you will most likely see these in a few outfit posts in the coming months. It was a resolution of mine to try to wear heels more often this year and I’m trying my hardest to make that happen. Wish me luck!


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